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Organization Profits

Your organization sells, you make money!

Sell price = $5.00 You keep = $2.50

Profit Breakdown

500 dips/desserts/cracker mixes = $1,250

1000 dips/desserts/cracker mixes = $2,500

2500 dips/desserts/cracker mixes = $6,250



  • No up front cost
  • All items are used daily in most households
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Long shelf life
  • Fast turnarounds - most orders arrive in 7-14 days or less
  • All products are manufactured in the USA

How it Works

1.) Order forms/sales sheet for each member of your group.

2.) Have your group sell for a specified period of time.

3.) At the end of your sell, collect all forms and money. Place your order with Dan The Man's and subtract your $2.50 per item for your group and send in the money.

4.) We ship the order to you typically within 7-14 days of the order.